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The Indian Summer
All-Star Band

Dynamic Rez band features musical legends from the great Menominee Nation and other Tribal Nations too!

The Indian Summer All-Star Band is led by Richie Plass, a longstanding entertainer at the Festival. When asked, Richie has been known to say, "We have fun on stage while we're performing, backstage before the show and after shows. We always make a point of giving our audience the best time and putting on the best show that we can. We're not one of those, "Road polished bands"... we're just a bunch of guys from the Rez who play music, have fun and enjoy the hell out of what we do."

The Indian Summer All-Star Band's musical act runs from 50's/60's, traditional country, blues and original songs that fit almost everywhere they play. They have recorded two CD's and have opened for many major stars in the music business. The band is a throw-back to the old style Garage Band kind of group who cover a wide range of songs from Hank Williams, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Beatles, and even original songs that relate to their Menominee heritage. According to Richie, "our band is just one good time with a bunch of old friends playing old songs and do our best to make sure our crowd has a good time, too."